EXELIA reminds us that prevention is the best cure!


Women nowadays are active, open-minded and creative. They play a variety of complex roles within the family and society. Women are largely responsible for meeting the healthcare needs and encouraging preventative care in their families. EXELIA not only take cares of your skin but also wants to remind you to look after your health. Breast cancer, diabetes and eating disorders have become major problems for women in the western world. The accelerating rise in the incidence of these three diseases suggests that raising awareness among women is crucial. Information and prevention can save lives. Approach the women around you to share information and advice about how they can take better care of themselves and their loved ones.

The EXELIA series is not only about beauty – it is about something more important: social responsibility. EXELIA is a reliable and responsible ally when it comes to encouraging the prevention and early diagnosis of three major threats to the health of today’s women, namely breast cancer, diabetes and eating disorders. EXELIA is committed to raising awareness among women by using every means available, as well as supporting relevant NGOs with one euro for every product sold.

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