Ensure your skin looks radiant and healthy by following a few simple steps!                            

You should make sure you use the cleansing, hydration, sunscreen and make-up solutions most compatible with your skin type. Below you can read some essential advice on caring for any skin type, to ensure skin radiance and health!

  • Dry skin

Avoid cleansing lotions and moisturizers that are low in oily ingredients, since they can cause your skin to feel even drier. Instead, your daily care can rely on a gentle cleanser in soap form with emollient ingredients such as olive oil or lanoline, as well as emulsions and wet face cleansing towelettes. If your skin is naturally dry, you should definitely use a moisturizing cream with substances such as hyaluronic acid and dimethicone to prevent dehydration.

  • Oily skin

Oily skin is considered as an advantage insofar oiliness is a natural skin lubricant requiring no further care.
Prefer oil-free lotions or gels specially designed to cleanse oily skin. Do not try to block the secretion of sebum by using a harsh soap or astringent (alcohol-based toners), since these products may worsen the problem instead of solving it.
For effective skin hydration, opt for moisturizing products that contain humectants such as glycerin, as these can attract and lock moisture inside your complexion.

  • Combination skin

In this case, you can help your skin by moisturizing it intensely in the dry area (usually the cheeks) and managing oiliness in the T-zone. You also need year-round sun protection with sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) as well as the application of a moisturizing cream.


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